What Others Have Said

Bob Andrews is one of the best songwriters to come through my songwriting workshops, and the list of alumni include David Wilcox, Kristina Olsen and a number of other folks of which you’ve already heard…audiences will enjoy this guy” - Bob Franke
It’s not just Bob’s songs – they’re well crafted and written from the heart for sure. But there’s more…it’s the delivery that carries the music. Bob’s voice and instrumentation bring a powerful emotional element to the listener. Whether on the back porch or concert hall, Bob will touch you with the depth of his compelling songs. Each tells a story, and each will draw you in.” - David Broida, presenter, Concerts Under the Stars
Bob Andrews is a talented songwriter with a captivating stage presence. It’s great to hear his songs. They are wonderfully clever, well constructed and a joy to listen to. He’s one of those writers whose songs will be picked up by groups all over the country.” - Dick Pleasants, 91.9 WUMB Boston
Bob Andrews has a wonderful gift for painting a lyrical landscape that leads us right to the heart of whatever emotional situation he wishes to explore. His work is focused and tightly woven….hearing his songs for the first time made me want to go back and hear them again and again.” - Eric Behr, Boston
In Bob’s song there is a complexity, a subtlety and refinement that only comes with time and careful attention.” - Joe Bretschneider, Executive Director, Main Stage Center for the Arts
Bob draws his audience in like a magnet. His songs delight the heart without being sentimental: they have an edge without being callous. He is a great new talent…” - Margo Hennebach, Mad Agnes
Like a writer of great short stories, Bob Andrews excels in telling moving stories in taut detail. His craftsmanship as a songwriter is impeccable; if his songs were hospital beds, you could bounce a quarter off of them. Bob's songs are fresh, surprising and yet maintain an immediate intimacy. I'm a songwriter and pride myself on being a good one, but Bob's songs make me say, damn, I wish I wrote that.” - Butch Ross, Chattanooga, TN
Bob Andrews writes songs that speak to the universal experience of living in the late twentieth and early twenty first century. He has the eloquence of Bob Franke, the evocative imagery of Dave Mallet, and the soul of Pete Seeger. We’ll be singing Bob’s music for a long time.” - Tom Rowe, Schooner Fare
Sometimes artists are terrific performers and sometimes they’re wonderful storytellers. In Bob Andrews you have the perfect marriage. His manner will delight you. His songs will move you. Memories, love, loss and happiness all combining to celebrate life; all performed with the ease of one who cares. After hearing Bob’s work, you will too.” - Richard Kushinsky, President, Ocean County Artist Guild

 “We hired Bob Andrews for the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway and became absolute fans. He is a gifted performer who delivered a dynamic set that our audience loved, loved, loved. His core materials are insightful originals, delivered with an integrity and polish that we rarely find outside of national touring acts. It’s a gift to find such rare and precious talent in our backyard. A great performance is like a great song. It takes you on a delicious journey and you wind up in a new place when it’s over. Bob does that. His music transported all of us. He got a well-deserved standing ovation."

                                                      Mark Schaffer, Co-chair The Folk Project Acoustic Getaway                    

“Thanks so much for the great concert by the Bob Andrews Trio. You held the audience spellbound. The songs were moving, the band was tight and well rehearsed, your stage presence and delivery warm, personable, natural and engaging. It was a great night.”  

                                                                                                                                     Michael Gallaway, Pineland Preservation Alliance                

“ I have had many world-class musicians play here, but no one creates a mood and engages with the audience the way Bob Andrews does. It was truly a magical evening….” 

                                                                                                                                                                                      Lew Maltby, Music at Lew’s  

“ You guys were fantastic. Thanks for performing for us.” 

                                                                                                        Karen Kramer, South Jersey Acoustic Roots Music Society  

“The Bob Andrews Trio is a class act. You are the most professional artists in our series, and if you were to play Carnegie Hall, you’d get nothing but wonderful reviews.” 

                                                                                                  Mary Lou Lutton, Ocean County Artist Guild 

“Thanks so much to you and your trio for a wonderful show last night. The audience definitely had a strongly positive response; many people said they thought it was our best show so far. The audience was captivated by your songs and the Trio’s performance. The Trio's relaxed and engaging stage presence made for a warm and comfortable experience that really held the audience. Thanks again for an enjoyable and very professional show. We look forward to having you back soon.” 

                                                                                                                                                                             Frank Schwoeri, Chair, Log Cabin Café