Bob Andrews is one of the best songwriters to come through my songwriting workshops, and the list of alumni include David Wilcox, Kristina Olsen and a number of other folks of which you’ve already heard…audiences will enjoy this guy.” - Bob Franke


Bob Andrews Guitar Musician

Who is this guy and where’s he from? Bob was born and raised in a working class family in a modest town on the east coast, between Philadelphia and the Jersey shore, about 90 miles south of Greenwich Village and 600 miles north of Nashville. Bob’s father was a union pipe-fitter as well as a 'round-the-house singer of Hank Williams and Burl Ives songs. One of Bob’s fondest memories is taking Sunday afternoon drives in a  ’56 Ford when his Dad would sing , Hey Good Lookin' while keeping time on Bob’s left knee. 

In the mid-sixties Bob’s older brother came home from college and bought with him the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album. It was this album that convinced Bob to do his part in making music. Guitar and banjo lessons soon followed. Songwriting came quite a bit later. Bob was signed with the Dancing Druid label, a small indie label, where he recorded a CD entitled Finns Point Light. The CD received favorable reviews and was given airplay throughout the country. Bob’s songs have been recorded by Boston’s Eric Behr and Wichita’s Aaron Fowler. 

Bob continues to perform as a solo artist. He also performs in a trio called Two Smart Guys and Bob. The trio includes Peter Hagen on upright bass and vocals and Dave Sherman on lead guitar and vocals. The group is known for their performance camaraderery, captivating      arrangements and compelling three part harmony. Bob has played venues from the Chesapeake to New England and considers House Concerts to be among his favorite performance venues. In the words of New England Folk DJ Dick Pleasants, “ Bob Andrews is a talented songwriter with a captivating stage presence. It’s great to hear his songs. They are wonderfully clever, well constructed and a joy to listen to. He’s one of those writers whose songs will be picked up by groups all over the country.”